UNDREAM is an international multi-award winning studio crafting inspiration for all media experiences.

UNDREAM was formed by Murat Pak, a passionate dreamer of the postmodern era.

UNDREAM has been featured in various societies like Shots, Stash, Motionographer, Graphic Design, Computer Arts, CGSocieties, Vimeo besides numerous other magazines, festivals, publications and installations.

UNDREAM loves the cloud of: passion and inspiration, reasons for creativity, image painting, time-painting, image-time, infinity, the man who wasn’t there, the wizard of oz, the wizard of software, tools to trade, tools to create, dreams and daydreams, eternal geeks of spotless minds, collaborations, interactions, contrast, feeling the music, feeling the silence, feeling the love, loving the feel,  being.

UNDREAM can take part in any stage of production.